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Monday, 17 February 2014

Bubblews is a particularly unique website in that it pays a lot for low quality content, which is virtually unheard of in the revenue sharing business. However, there are websites out there that do pay you to write that do not require a Google Adsense account, and they are MUCH MORE sustainable than Bubblews. They do require more work, however, and a lot more quality content.
  • Teckler.comTeckler is probably the most similar to Bubblews, with a few key differences. Both websites are very lenient with their postings; they allow you to write about anything you want as long as it’s not pornographic, illegal, etc. However, Bubblews requires their users to write 400 characters and you can only submit 10 posts a day, while Teckler doesn’t have any writing requirements and you can submit an unlimited amount of posts. You can also submit video, audio, and images on Teckler.
  • If you like creating pages with videos, polls, duel modules, comments sections, and a lot more interactive “stuff”, then Squidoo is the site for you. They are one of the highest paying revenue sharing websites, provided that you write quality stuff. Google also seems to love them which makes getting highly ranked in the search engines pretty easy. One of my articles actually earned me over $43, and this is not unusual. If you’d like to join Squidoo under my affiliate link, you can do so by clicking HERE. In exchange for helping you out, I get a little commission from the admins, and you can do the same with your friends!
  • Although Infobarrel has dropped in rankings lately, it still seems to be a great place for people to earn. Based on my personal experience, though, they seem to be very strict with their articles, especially during the initial phase when every single article you write has to undergo a review.
There are also other websites like Triond and Wikinut, but the earnings on those websites are so unbelievably low that you might as well spend your time elsewhere. If you want to be a part of a revenue sharing site, Squidoo and Infobarrel are the best ways to go.

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