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Monday, 23 January 2012

How To Install and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - RELOADED [HD]

Call of Duty :Modern Walfare3 Torrent Download
                              Direct  Download(in progress)
Deamon tools Download

  1. -You need to download and install deamon tools before install  COD.
  2. -After completed install,go to folder COD that you download before, find iso image(disk a),right click and select mount.
  3. -Windwos will appear auto run and click ok
  4. -Then, select directory for folder you want to install and click ok.
  5. -Wait until setup appear "insert disk 2", find iso images(disk b),select mount again and click at setup.
  6. -after finish install, find crack folder at "disk 2", copy all -thing inside and paste at directory games that you choose  last time(copy&replace)
Note:if you got error during installation(disk 2), reinstall again then will work
How to play:
  1. -open directory games, find files application type and right click and select run as administrator
  2. -example c:/program files/call of duty-modern walfare 3/iw5sp


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